Attic Insulation Is It Worth the Cost and Time?

Published: 29th December 2009
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Attic insulation is a weird animal. Many of us pay little attention to what happens in the attic. And we especially couldn't care less about attic insulation. Moreover, we have so many other considerations about our homes than taking the time and money to deal with all the little mysterious events that go on in the very extreme top of our houses.

Attic insulation really is an important component of every residential house. Why?
Attic insulation plays some important roles that help the overall health of your house. First, attic insulation prevents all types of hot and moist air from leaking up into the attic. Why do you want to stop hot and moist air from entering the attic? Because anything that becomes hot and moist has a huge chance of rotting and decaying.

Every single day in your house, heat and moist is created from the oven and stove, the showers, the dishwasher, and sometimes (god forbid) the heat and moisture from the clothes dryer is expelled into the attic. Proper attic insulation stops all this from causing some serious damage to your house. And these damages can add up after the years. These damages can also costs thousands of dollars in structural repairs to fix.

Just so you know, attic insulation can only work to its fullest potential if combines with attic ventilation. Why? Because the attic insulation needs to breath. Every molecule of heat and moisture that gets into the attic can damage the insulation and damaged insulation leads to wood rot and all sorts of pest infestation. Always be sure to hire an attic insulation expert who is also an expert in ventilation. They work side by side and one cannot work without the other.

Attic insulation is worth the time and money. The type of attic insulation used for your house is another matter. Many types are available from the regular pink stuff to blown-in insulation. Both can work well. Check with your attic insulation contractor to learn more and be sure to hire a contractor that can show you verification of his standing in the community. In other words, don't just hire anyone because the price is less.

Some roofing companies offer attic insulation in addition to their regular roofing services. Generally speaking, almost all roofing companies do not specialize in anything other than roofing. If you are having your roof replaced and perhaps the wood also needs to be replaced with new wood, this is the perfect time to hire a qualified attic insulation contractor.

Taking care of your insulation needs can be simple. The trick is to hire a professional. And if this professional has experience with attic ventilation and roofing, if you can find this combination all in one, then you have better than average odds to get the job done right. Your house will love you for it because proper attic ventilation reduces energy costs as well.

In conclusion: Check your attic insulation once per year; combine it with proper roof ventilation, and hire a specialist. Is attic insulation worth the time and cost? Yes!

Rick Woolsey is an Attic Insulation Expert Who Helps Attic Ventilation Companies Throughout Canada and the USA Improve all Aspects of Their Work and Professionalism.

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